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Today Digital Marketing is one of the most important factors of success with Manufacturing & Industrial Companies. If your business is not visible in right place it means you are losing your potential customers to your competitors. Itorix Infotech is specialized Digital Marketing Agency for Industrial Manufacturers, Fabricators, OEMs etc. We served industrial manufacturers of all sizes, and help them to grow on Digital platform with higher traffic and more qualified leads. Whether you are looking to start your new journey toward a digital platform or looking for a new digital marketing service provider, Itorix Infotech will serve you with a customized digital marketing strategy to meet your business growth.

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Today in 2021, the competition among Industries, Manufacturers & OEMs is much more fierce. As per research around 95% of people searches online for Industrial & B2B business before making any purchase. If you want to acquire more customers then you must stand out from your competition. Accordingly, 82% of Industrial manufacturing companies that invested in digital marketing services have reported increased success within 1-2 years. Our Digital Marketing Services specialist for Industrial Manufacturers will help you to showcase your products & services at the right place to the right people.

Despite this statistic, only 50% of Industrial & Manufacturing companies have invested in digital marketing and have a properly optimized and responsive website. And, only 32% of Industrial Companies have initiated content marketing strategy. Meanwhile, Manufacturing & Industrial companies that post blogs 11+ times per month receive 4x more leads than those that do not. Your manufacturing business has a significant opportunity to gain an advantage through manufacturing digital marketing.

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All-in-One Digital Marketing Services for
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We create a responsive, user-friendly & compelling website with valuable content that has a high potential to engage your prospective clients. A good website also keeps the attention of your users for a long time and it will drive more leads for your manufacturing business. We have developed over two hundred websites for our new industrial clients and all those clients are extremely happy with our service offerings. The more visitors you get, the more probability you have to convert them into your customers and grow your manufacturing business. Our designed website helps you to build trust and make you more professional. We offer services like site renovation, uplift, and building the website ground up.

Just being on various social media platforms is not enough for a brand. Manufacturing and Industrial businesses need to keep the audience engaged in all of these platforms to ensure customer acquisition and converting the virtual passer-by into a loyal follower. The use of trends and memes to grab eyeballs is the tip of the iceberg. Spending on ads without any coherent strategy means that your money goes down the drain. Itorix Infotech ensures and gives you the return from every penny spent and makes an effort to maximise revenue for every money spent on ads, be it any platform, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Managing social media is a full-time task which you can outsource to us so you can focus on what you do the best – manufacturing top quality products. You can leave the social media management to us because that is what we do best.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most fundamental ways of reaching your target audiences online. SEO has a strong potential to grow your business and build your manufacturing business’s Trust & Authority amongst your prospects. SEO determines your Industrial Business’s Visibility on search engines. For example, you are a new manufacturing setup in the field of E Vehicle Spare Parts and your prospects/customers searches for “E Vehicle Spares” on Google. Does your business website shows up on the first of Google or does your competitors.

Itorix Infotech SEO experts have a deep understanding of the best SEO practices to help your business shows up on the first page of Google’s search results. We can optimize your manufacturing business website to drive more visitors and convert them into paying customers.

For Manufacturing & Industrial business, Search Engine Marketing campaigns (PPC )often do wonders to boost sales. Unfortunately, many industrial business founders do not have the right knowledge, time or staff to create PPC marketing campaigns in-house. Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing ads specifically “Google Ads” does wonders for your new manufacturing business by driving highly relevant traffic to your website which leads to an increase your business sales. Itorix Infotech a “Certified Google Partner” has expertise & experience in developing an effective ROI driven PPC Ad campaign for Manufacturing & Industrial businesses. Let us help grow your Manufacturing business today with our PPC marketing solutions.

Email marketing or email newsletters are the best way to target customers in a very efficient and affordable manner. We create a process that will automatically send Monthly or weekly newsletters to thousands of email addresses with just a click. It is a very popular way that can instantly help in reaching out to current and past clients, and propose your services to future clients in a more personalized way. Email marketing can bring you more leads than cold calling. You Move prospects through your marketing funnel faster with email automation & newsletters.

Benefits of digital marketing for industrial companies & manufacturers

Over 9 years of combined industrial manufacturing digital marketing experience

We've worked with more thanTwo Hundred Industrial & Manufacturing Companies over the years to grow their businesses and increase their online visibility through online marketing. A few of these specific industries include:

How we are different form others

Manufacturing Industry's Digital Marketing Company

How does the extended decision-making behavior of industrial buyers impact the sales cycle for businesses in this sector?

The behavior of industrial buyers, where 91% visit a prospective website multiple times before requesting a quote and may have an extended decision-making process, can significantly lengthen the sales cycle for businesses in the industrial sector. This requires businesses to employ patient and persistent lead nurturing strategies, maintain a strong online presence, and provide valuable information and resources to engage potential customers throughout their extended decision-making journey.

How does Itorix Infotech gather comprehensive details for accurate custom quotes in the industrial business, considering various factors like price fluctuations, labor, complexity, and temperature variations?

Itorix Infotech assists industrial businesses in meeting the demand for custom quotes by utilizing custom forms on their websites. This approach helps gather maximum details, considering various factors such as raw material price fluctuations, labor, complexity, and temperature, to ensure accurate and tailored quotations for individual customer requirements.

How does Itorix Infotech's tailored digital marketing strategy for diverse industrial businesses leverage its understanding of specific niches and markets to convert prospects into customers?

Itorix Infotech recognizes the intricacies of the manufacturing industry and its unique niches. The company customizes its digital marketing strategies based on the individual goals and requirements of each industrial business. For example, one business may benefit from showcasing its products with an E-commerce platform for a B2B audience, while another might need to expand its dealer network through custom forms. Itorix Infotech’s deep understanding of these nuances ensures that the digital marketing approach aligns with each business’s strategy and goals, ultimately converting prospects into new customers.


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