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Linkedin was launched in the year of 2013 that provides a business-oriented social networking platform. It helps professional peoples to connect and built their relationships. There is a misguided notion that the platform is only for job seekers but in reality, it also offers a great way to promote your business interests. But when it comes to promoting on Linkedin, you require a trusted, reliable, and experienced digital marketing and social media marketing company. If you are looking for the same, you have landed on the right page.

Itorix Infotech is one of the big players in the segment of LinkedIn advertisement management and provides a whole range of services to our clients. We have a team of experts who know the minute details of the platform and work so that our clients get good value for money.

Itorix Infotech is authorized to develop and run advertisement on LinkedIn. Our team follows professional’s grade work ethics and believes in providing the services in a better and transparent manner. We are into Linkedin B2B Lead Generation for a long and have established ourselves among the top LinkedIn advertisement management company in India. A successful LinkedIn ad provides more site traffic, more page follows authentic leads, and better brand recognition.

  • Linkedin is considered one of the best social media platforms. It is a great platform to build a career and connect with the people that can change your life drastically. The platform has approx 700 million members worldwide and you can imagine the level of prospects it present for its users.
  • The large user base presents the right place for big business owners and start-ups. Experts also state that LinkedIn is said to be the top-rated platform for lead generation. It facilitates the companies and brands to create a company page that can establish your expertise on such a huge social platform.
  • We follow robust LinkedIn marketing strategies that boost business prospects and establish you as a leader in your fields.
  • We have a 360-degree LinkedIn marketing strategy that is results-driven. We increase your brand visibility by engaging the audience in the right way.
  • We assure that our excellence, efficiency, and expertise are used in the right way to give good value for your investment.
  • Ranging from strategy creation to campaign analysis, we can help you accomplish your LinkedIn objectives, whether it be to generate leads, drive website traffic, or build brand awareness.

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Branding is very much important for any organization and we work on establishing the brand name. Being a business-focused platform, LinkedIn offers a great way for the business but you need the services of professions like us for making it more useful for your business. Avail of our services and reach the targeted audience in the right way. We always assure our clients about the quality service at an affordable price.

Once you share your business story with the world, you get all-around growth. Even it will attract talented human resources to you. Social media in general and LinkedIn, in particular, offer a great way to create a sense of belonging. We help in establishing your story. We craft content in various ways like texts, videos, photos, and others for your connection.

Linkedin is basically a platform for business so all the businesses make their presence felt in all the different ways. Our team does the research on the competitor and others to understand what are the successful strategies being followed on the platform. We up to date our service offering based on the competition and changing trends.


If you already hold the LinkedIn profile but do not getting expected growth, get in touch with our team, we will optimize the page. In case you do not have the profile, we create and then optimize it. We believe that only running advertisements will not bring the desired growth. When your profile is engaging, user-friendly, and unique, viewers get a good sense of professionalism from the level of profile.

We develop customized advertising strategies for our clients. We take active help from clients in order to understand any modification or correction, they might need. We also customize the ads by using the advanced tool. In the process of advertisement making, we give a good emphasis on the quality of content.

Our team look for emerging trends and also analyze the impact of advertisement at various intervals. We also provide system-generated analysis reports to the clients based on the terms and conditions of the work. We remain active on the platform to take feedbacks from the users so that any modification could be made, if necessary.

We are a responsive LinkedIn advertisement marketing service provider and understand that we must provide you the factual data on the efficacy of the campaign. Our reports help you in calculating the ROI of a LinkedIn advertisement. Our submitted reports are easy to understand.


  • We keep your connection engaged by developing very user-related content like blogs, quizzes, articles, online polls, FAQs, etc. We ensure that your connection waits for the daily update from your business account. Our team creates an engaging post for LinkedIn posting on daily basis.
  • Our team members participate in the regular and weekly discussions with the connection. It helps your connection to feel attached to your business.
  • We also engage influencers for enhancing your profile visibility. Those influencers promote your business among their connection. Additionally, we also offer a complete social media marketing package. In that package, we promote your business to all the major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others. Once you opt for completer social media packages, you save a good amount of money.
  • We also send invites daily with a personal touch. Our team also sends daily activity reports to the clients so that you can understand the level of work we are doing on your LinkedIn profile.
  • We efficiently display your company information. We organize your information in such a way that users find it easy to get in touch with your business. We optimize your profile so that a user gets a good value of their time when on LinkedIn.


An astonishing 92% of the Fortune 500 companies are active on LinkedIn. With the huge potential that the LinkedIn platform holds, our team of perspicaciously trained professionals works on tailor-made client’s strategies to generate leads through LinkedIn for their business. With the varying business needs across different industry verticals, our team identifies the best-suited strategy and offer to derive the maximum benefits of the most powerfully potent lead generation tool, LinkedIn.

  • We deeply understand your business and identify your business niche from LinkedIn.
  • We then try & identify the prospects related to your business with the permutation and combination of the designations in LinkedIn.
  • Having thoroughly understood the Boolean Algorithm of LinkedIn our team searches the professionals and helps you to connect with the respective business owners.
  • Our team identifies the professionals that would add value to your business, and a sustainable amount of connect requests to the professionals on LinkedIn.
  • Care is taken to adhere to the norms prescribed by Linkedin and to send only feasible connect requests to the professionals.
  • We ensure to authentically and organically send connect requests to the professionals that might be converted to a prospective lead.
  • Our team then curates custom messages for each prospective lead addressing their business’s needs and the reason to connect with them.
  • This is the most crucial stage wherein our team takes care to understand their business, relate it with your business, and then send bespoke messages to each prospective lead.
  • Only bespoke messages are sent to prospective leads and not any random predefined set of messages. This is what distinguishes one connect request from the other.
  • Our team takes diligent follow-up with the prospective leads to set up meetings with you.
  • Our team curates a day, date, and time slots to take follow-up for each connected prospects.
  • The follow-ups are scheduled in such a way that ensures, you does not miss to take the notice of it.
  • We custom-curate the follow-up messages to seamlessly enquire about the prospect’s availability to schedule the meeting.
  • Our team ensures to help you to fix the meetings.
  • We schedule and re-schedule the meetings until the best time is suited for both parties and keep track of the follow-ups for the meeting until it is fixed for both parties
  • We ensure to keep a track record of all the leads.
  • This includes keeping track of the prospects that we have reached out to send connect requests, the prospects who have accepted the connect requests, and all those prospective leads that have agreed to the meeting with you.
  • This way it becomes easier for you to keep a track record of all the LinkedIn activities to help in measuring the output.