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E-commerce is helping small to large businesses to a great extent. You can see the visible change in people's perspectives in purchasing things. More and more people are turning towards online and E Commerce has become a very crowded place. Thousands of websites compete with each other for great visibility and more customers in the same segment. If you too are struggling with sales and decreased visibility, an E-Commerce SEO service is the right choice for you. Every business is trying to attract customers online through E-Commerce, but when you choose SEO; your business becomes class apart and does the business in a better way.

We at Itorix Infotech can become your perfect digital partner that will take your business to another level. We have dedicated team experts for E Commerce websites. Since our start of this service, we have always provided unparalleled service to our clients and now we have become the top E Commerce company in Pune, India. Our team has best-in-class technical knowledge as well as functional knowledge. They use their experience of decades to take your websites at the top ranking on Google and other search engines.


We always aspire to take our client's website to the top place with a variety of E-Commerce-based services. Our team will do all the work of keyword search to internal audit for your business. Read it more to know what and how we take your business to the top at the search engines.

Market Analysis

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Understanding the key problem area is important so that the right methodology could be applied. We at Itorix Infotech undertake a thorough audit to get into the shortcomings of your E-Commerce websites. Our audit experts cover plenty of things like URL structure, interlinking, Heading Tags, Page Speed, Meta Tags, Content, etc. Our knowledgeable team helps you in understanding the key problem area and also guides you step by step process to rectify that. When you understand the problem, we get happier to help.

In this way, you will be able to see the visible change in the website structure for more visibility. Once we complete our auditing, we submit a report based on that. If You agree to the report, we start working on the different aspects of your E-Commerce websites.

It is the most important aspect of the E Commerce SEO service. Keywords work like a guiding path for your websites. Gone are the days, when only spending rupees on pay per click and other advertisements were working. Google and other search engines have become smarter and they look for relevant content to show up to the customers. We use a multifaceted approach to research while looking for relevant keywords matching with your business. Simply knowing about the keywords is not enough, our team also knows the way to harness those keywords for bringing quality traffic to the websites.

We also go through the competitor websites to understand what is happening in and around the digital market and try to incorporate different ways. Those unique ways give you an edge over others. With keywords, we apply other tactics of Search engine optimization to make it more result-oriented.

The E Commerce business depends largely on the products. Our team works on different web pages and product categories to optimize them. Whenever we feel there is a need for improvement, enhancements, and adjustments, we take remedial action to rectify that. Itorix Infotech is the best SEO company In India and we know all the best ways to harness the potential of E-Commerce for our customers. Our teamwork on descriptive names, product description, pictures, and other aspects.

Internet is here for long years and people have understood the overall functionality of the internet. They do not like hard selling. You cannot tell them to buy your products only, you need to give them the online experience. When users get better interface and excellent navigation, it entices them to use that website for purchase.

Content has become the blood and soul of digital marketing and E-Commerce business is also impacted by them. Good content attracts users to your website and later you can convert those users into customers in different ways.

We have a team of content writers those having good years of experience and knowledge. They know different guidelines and ways to write engaging, readable, and unique content for your website. Users will come to read those content and you can target them there in other ways. Besides content, we also do link building. We do off-page SEO and social media marketing for link building. Our team will create pages on different social media websites to attract traffic to your websites.

Getting users to your website is only half part of our work. We also try to give a great conversion rate to our clients. We undertake different activities for a high conversion rate.

  • A clear call to action words on all the prominent places on your website.
  • Easy to use web traffic funnel for website
  • Social media linkages
  • Realized and Fully-utilized SEO strategies
  • Highlighting of special products and services for customer better attention
  • Readable, engaging, and unique content


Being a leading e-commerce SEO service provider in Pune, India, Itorix Infotech always aspires to give more in the less investment to our clients. We have in-depth knowledge that how SEO can help your e-commerce website in reaching its full potential. Millions of people are using e-commerce on daily basis and it is very important to make your different places so that users turn into your websites in more numbers. Undoubtedly, your website gets more visibility and searchability but with Itorix Infotech, you get more than that.

  • High ROI in less cost
  • Enhances user experience
  • Cheaper and more results as compared to the PPC and other advertising modes
  • Increases Brand visibility
  • Boosts quality traffic to your website
  • Increase keyword ranking
  • Moving ahead from the competitors
  • Win more conversion
  • Increases click-through rate
  • Decreases cost per acquisition


Many clients used to ask that they have a small e-commerce website, should they get an SEO service for that? See, SEO service gives life to your websites. You have got your websites but you need to take different steps to bring quality traffic to that websites. SEO helps in achieving your business goals and who knows in coming years your business might turn into medium or large size with SEO helps. Contact the team Itorix Infotech for free website audit and instant quotation.

Itorix Infotech is a company of thorough professionals and we know how to use our creative ideas and strategies for the benefit of our clients. We also do constant brainstorming and crisis management for our clients that makes us class apart.

  • We do technical audits of your website with Panda and Penguin proofing.
  • We upgrade the content for converting traffic into leads.
  • We work on bringing organic traffic rather than enhancing only traffic.
  • We undertake keyword implementation after search, site, and competitor analysis.
  • We assure the use of White Hat techniques with strictness.
  • We use tracking tools for performance monitoring.
  • We work on Listing on different websites and Geotagging techniques.
  • We execute Schema Markup for the competitive market.
  • We work on On-Page and Off-Page optimization.
  • We use segmented analysis to keep a watch on the expected customers.
  • We convert your quality traffic into leads by conversation rate optimization.


We are the right person to answer those questions. The e-commerce SEO is somehow different from the traditional SEO and only experts have ideas to implement that. It ranges from keyword research to competitor site research. Get in touch with us and get e-commerce SEO services at an affordable price for your business.

It is very important to use the right tool for higher ranking and better visibility. The market is full of tools and it is quite a confusing and time-consuming process to choose the best. We go by the trend and have adopted SEMRush, Buzzsumo, Similar Web, Screaming Frog, Ahrefs, and others. Be assured about the quality and trustworthiness of our tools. We only use reputed tools for all our works.


Let us clear about the working of Itorix Infotech. We are the leading web development and digital marketing company based in Pune, India. We undertake different types of website development along with SEO, PPC, content marketing, SMM, and others. Use the contact us section of our websites and get in touch to know more about our service area.

We offer our services to all sorts of businesses ranging from small to large businesses. Price also varies depending on different factors. Our initial prices start with Rs, 15000 per month and it goes further with added features.

See, Our records state about the performance of our company. We have brought benefits to hundreds of clients spread across India. We would suggest that come join hands with us to understand the different working culture and result-oriented strategies.