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In today’s time, we are going through a digital revolution and no business can afford to ignore the different modes of digital advertising. You cannot rely completely on the traditional mode of marketing for your advertising needs.

More and more people are joining the online revolution and spending quite long hours browsing different websites and hooking themselves on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and others.

Out of all those social media platforms, Facebook offers the best way to advertise products and services for the business. You will be surprised to know that Facebook has over 2.01 billion monthly active users.

We at Itorix Infotech “Top Digital Marketing Agency” based in Pune, India, offers complete Facebook marketing management services. We offer FB advertising options to clients ranging from all the major industries. We have established ourselves in the area of the Facebook advertising agency. To date, we have handled over 500 social media projects of small to large businesses.

  • Build your Facebook Page.
  • We Regularly Post
  • Respond to every valuable comment.
  • Respond to bad reviews on your approval.
  • Build campaigns to increase likes and shares.
  • Give monthly or weekly reporting as per your need.
  • Analyze the results and work to optimize them.
  • Build campaigns to increase likes and shares.
  • Deliver the best results at lesser pricing.

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Facebook is one of the biggest and most popular social media networks and if you are not presenting your business on that platform, you are surely missing a large chunk of customers. You will miss a large number of potential customers. We offer services to run Facebook paid advertisements, at a reasonable price. Our services are customized and you can choose your target users based on country, state, and city. You can also target your ads based on gender, age, and type of users. We can even target the users based on the type of use like Smartphone, I-phone, Desktop, and others.

Itorix Infotech has a specialized team of experts to take care of Facebook advertisement management. If you have already into the Facebook advertisement, consider choosing our services. We have established ourselves as a top-notch facebook advertisement management company.
Over 20 percent of global youth is on Facebook. When we consider this data with respect to India, the figure is much higher. It is very unlikely to find someone who is using a Smartphone and does not have Facebook accounts. Please go and check with your near and dear ones, you will surely get to know the reach of Facebook from all types of people.

Statics shows that people liking the content on the business page have more probability to make a purchase with the same company. Business fans on Facebook are 79% more likely to make a purchase compared to non-fans.
Approximately half of the consumers are influenced by the social media giants while making a purchase. Many people visit Facebook pages to read the reviews and then decide to make a purchase.
Facebook offers effective advertisement management tools for both business to customer and business to the business environment.


  1. We use advanced tools and analytics to boost your post on Facebook. Our team will take your post to a larger audience based on your targeted criteria. More reach leads to better business prospects and increased brand identity.
  2. We also help businesses to connect with people by generating more likes on Facebook pages. Our team adopts all the strategies to bring likes to your business or personal page.
  3. We also promote the address of the website on Facebook. The promotion brings quality traffic to the website and there you get a better probability to convert those users into customers.
  4. We offer services like running offers advertisement, video advertisement, lead advertisement, and multi-product advertisement. Get in touch with our team and they will guide the best way to target the potential users for the benefits of your business.


You must know that the products and services offered by the branded companies have more takers. With the use of our services, you can increase your brand visibility. There is solid proof that most Smartphone users are spending more time on social media websites and especially on Facebook as compared to other online places. When more people are on Facebook, you are only left with the option to join the same platform to target them. It is a great way to engage and interact with more like-minded people and target them with your products and services.

Based on the type of packages you choose to opt for with us, we expand your reach with the help of Facebook advertisements. You get more customers as communication is easier and faster on Facebook. You have a website, there you give the option to reach your business via call, email, or chat. But Facebook provides a more precise way to communicate. Anyone interested in your business can easily message you via messenger. Your team members can reply to those messages through their mobile phones. You do not require any sophisticated software for dealing with communication and all.

Once you start delivering the right and quality products or services to your customers, your business address goes noticed by all. You get repeat customers and those happy customers spread the positive message about your business too. There is nothing more important than loyalty for a business, and Facebook provides a platform for customer loyalty. Get in touch with our team and discuss, how can we enhance customer experiences for our clients.

This is another great thing about Facebook. It does not take much time to give feedback on the methods you have applied for your business. If the advertisement is liked by users, you will see positive reviews all where. With us, there is no probability of users disliking your Facebook advertisement. We have a team of experts doing the same work of creating advertisement copy for our clients for long years. Customers can also leave reviews on your pages, and since more people are using social media, these reviews are seen by a lot of people. This is why keeping your reputation is important, and you must continuously improve the service you offer.

With Facebook advertisements, you get marketing insights. Those pieces of information will help you understand and know your customers better. Then, you can create content that will target their interests so you can make more engagement and conversions.

Additionally, Facebook also increases sales volume for the clients. More and more businesses are availing our services of Facebook advertisement and have been enjoying this benefit right now. From start to a local store where you can only reach the people in your area, you now have the opportunity to reach people worldwide. That’s a lot of income generated there.


  • We help you in creating a robust presence on Facebook with our unique and relevant content.
  • We have a team of experts that take care of various activities on Facebook. We post the advertisements and also adopt various strategies to increase the likes and followers on your page.
  • We help you in securing potential customers and broaden your client base.
  • We spread awareness about your business among the large user bases. We adopt uniform content policies that will help in maintaining your brand identity.
  • We undertake various activities for better communication with the customers and on a one-on-one basis.


1. RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS: Our team does the groundwork based on demographics, interests, custom audiences, and others. This first step helps in identifying the ideal targeting opportunities and information gathered from here is used in finalizing the targeting methods.

2. FIRST AD COPY CREATION: Based on our research, our team work and create the first ad copy. We give you this copy for feedbacks, if you agree, we proceed further. Based on your comments, we make changes to the advertisement copy.

3. FINAL AD COPY CREATION: After the first copy approval, the final copy is created.

4. ADVERTISEMENT CAMPAIGN SET-UP: This is the stage, where we run the campaign. When we run the advertisement, we ensure those device settings, targeting, bids, conversion tracking, and other parameters.