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Instagram is a Facebook-owned platform that provides an intuitive user experience and enhancement. After Facebook. It is one of the biggest social media platforms with a large number of active users. There is so much potential for any business to leverage that user base by targeting them through Instagram Advertisement. Basically, the platform is made to share images and videos among followers but in the recent past, the company has evolved itself and included other important aspects into its offering. Millions of users log in daily on Instagram only from India and here are the business opportunities for you.

Itorix Infotech is one of the top-notch Instagram Marketing & Ads Management service providers for all sorts of industries. We offer advertisement services on all the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, and others. When it comes to the Instagram ads, please note that the platform is more than the Hashtags. It has very transparent policies and you can target the users based on various parameters for your business gain. Get in touch with our team and we will further guide you on the process to follow for the ad management on that platform



  • After Facebook, it is one of the biggest social media platforms. As per industry estimates, there are approx 1 billion active users on that platform worldwide. You can imagine the potential of the platform by this fact. It also offers excellent ways to connect with the potential audience on a global forum.
  • You gain thousands of followers through an organic or paid marketing campaign on Instagram. You will feel good to know that more than half of Instagram users use this app to make a buying decision. That presents an enormous business opportunity for you.
  • There is a good amount of differentiation between personal and professional profiles on Instagram. That makes the targeting more easily and without any hassle.
  • As it has over a 1 billion user base, you get an excellent opportunity to connect with a large base of audience. The platform also plays a role in boosting the relations between followers and customers.
  • As compared to the other platforms, this is a visual-based platform. It makes it unique in some sense and gets more users' attention as compared to the text.
  • It offers the same amount of opportunity for everyone to boost their relations with the followers.

Market Analysis

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1. RESEARCH: Once we had the project, we start working on understanding your targeted audience. We create a customized plan for every client and for that we need to research and analysis. Under this stage, we delve deep into the work so that we can take up the right step at right time in advertisement management.

2. PROFILE CREATION/ PROFILE OPTIMIZATION: We get two types of clients: Some clients do not have the page on Instagram and some clients have the page but that is not getting required followers. If you are not present on the platform, we will create your visually appealing profile and if you are already present on the platform, we will optimize your profile. Both ways, we work so efficiently that when users visit your website, they get a good feel of the page.

3. CONTENT CREATION AND POSTING: Once we create your profile or optimize your profile, we work on the creation of quality content for your business. We have a team of in-house content writers, graphics designers, video editors, and others for making engaging content for your profile. Our team uses readable and authentic posts on your behalf. We also create graphics and videos for posting on the page. Only creation is not enough, the post should be posted in such a manner that your followers feel attached. Our team does the analysis on trending Hashtags and then posts the content with those Hashtags.

4. INFLUENCER OUTREACH: We also take the services of paid Instagram services for increasing your followers. Besides that, we contact the authentic influencer with millions of followers to promote your business page or advertisement. We follow a 360-degree approach that defines that we will take up every possible way to enhance your followers on the platform.

5. ANALYSIS AND REPORTING: Our work does not end after the services, we also do after-work analysis to take the feedbacks and performance of our work. You will get the results of our services in a few days. So we analyze the results and brand growth. We also fix any loopholes if found. After one month of the campaign, we work on creating detailed reports for the benefit of our customers.
The reports contain all the important aspects and you will get to know the ROI and growth path of your business. We follow a transparent client’s policy so that you may have more trust in our work. We believe in developing long-term relationships and we always strive to provide full value for money.


Whatever products or services you offer to the world, we ensure to connect you with the right audience. We take up all the steps so that your business should reach the right people. We have a team of experts who knows every detail of Instagram marketing and do an in-depth analysis of your audience behavior Our team uses advanced tools to understand the right audience for your ads. We also take up great effort to increase the followers and users on your platform.

Content is the key to fast growth on any social media platform. We firmly believe that content is the soul of your business and good content keeps the users engaged for more duration. We are a team of creative people who know the art of crafting content matching users’ expectations. Our team is developing content for all types and holds a large year of experience. We also promote your photos, videos, products, or services all the way on the platform.

Our best services work in a direction to provide you thousands of followers within a month in an organic manner. We use good permutation and a combination of tools and strategies to bring followers for our clients. We also use the services of influencers to make a brand value on Instagram.

We adopt the best and unique Instagram marketing campaign for our clients. We take up those steps to bring quality traffic to your website and also on the page of different social media platforms. We ensure that whatever steps we are taking on Instagram has a cumulative positive effect on other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, and others.

Instagram is known for its photographs. We have in-house professional photographers that take photos of your product, services, offices, and your staff in a creative manner. When you will post those pictures on various social media platforms including Instagram, we are sure people will like them.


See ! the cost of Instagram ad management depends on many factors. But we ensure our clients that our services are best and the price is the lowest. The price largely depends on the following factors.

NATURE OF WORK: The platform offers plenty of opportunities for a business to tap. The higher the amount of work, the higher would be the cost. We also provide customize prices, so once you let us know your requirement, we will provide you the best price. Contact our team and get an instant quotation.

TIME DURATION: All the advertisement projects are time intensive. So best on your time period, we provide costs.


1. EXPERTISE: In the market, there are so many companies offering different services at various prices. Always ask the experience and expertise before choosing a particular company.

2. REVIEWS AND TESTIMONIALS: This is one of the best ways to settle on a particular company. Search the name of the company on various platforms like Facebook, Google, Youtube, Instagram and read some of the reviews. You can also check the customer testimonials of the company to be double sure about their level of work.

3. COPYWRITING WORK: Instagram is not all about technical education, it also requires creative writing. Take a look at some of the work done by the company to know, level of their copywriting work. You can ask for some demo or sample of done work from the company.

4. DESIGNING SKILLS: The visual element is what makes people interact with posts on Instagram. A good expert has a good sense of design and aesthetics. Always look for these skills while choosing the company for your work.

5. COMMUNICATION SKILLS: The art of communication is the pivotal skill that marks a person more professional in Instagram marketing.