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With trust being so important in the jewellery business, the agency handling your digital marketing strategy and delivery needs to be not just competent but has to deliver fast and quality work. That’s where we in Itorix Infotech come into the picture.

Trust is of enormous importance in the jewellery business but for that trust to be established, a business needs to be known to the customers. Customer acquisition pre-Covid in the jewellery business was a combination of both digital and non-digital. However, the pandemic has moved everything online. Digital marketing for jewellery stores and jewellers has also gained traction of a gigantic proportion.

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Along with Social Media Marketing, the aspect of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Web Design can only be ignored at peril. For a jewellery store, more often than not the customers are local and coming up top on the search results is not just crucial but can be clinching most of the times. This can be done through a mixture of SEO Marketing as well as good quality content on your website. Further, the design of the website of a jewellery store or jewellers needs to be so aesthetically pleasing that one cannot resist spending a few bucks on the portal by contacting the brand immediately. Again, we, at Itorix Infotech, ensure that not only are the target customers reaching your website but also converting them into trusted and regular customers for your jewellery stores or brand.

Just being on various social media platforms is not enough for a brand. jewellery stores and jewellers need to keep the audience engaged in all of these platforms to ensure customer acquisition and converting the virtual passer-by into a loyal follower. The use of trends and memes to grab eyeballs is the tip of the iceberg. Spending on ads without any coherent strategy means that your money goes down the drain. Itorix Infotech ensures and gives you the return from every penny spent and makes an effort to maximise revenue for every dollar spent on ads, be it any platform, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Managing social media is a full-time task which you can outsource to us so you can focus on what you do the best – design and make jewellery. You can leave the social media management to us because that is what we do best.

Consulting is one of the major ways we help jewellers and jewellery stores with their digital marketing. A bird’s eye view of your present digital marketing strategy is provided to you first. We do not stop there, next to a genuine analysis as to the cost-benefit analysis is provided concerning your specific brand in the stead of every single aspect of your digital marketing strategy. Moreover, it is ascertained as to how things can be improved and digital marketing for jewellery stores and jewellers can be made more successful so that customer acquisition is in proportion to the digital marketing spend. Lastly, specific steps are outlined with actionable outcomes are provided as a solution to the digital marketing needs of your brand.

Every business is different. Every brand is unique. Whether you plan to be the best jewellery store or jeweller in your locality or your dream to be the biggest jewellery brand in the world, we ensure that we look at your objective and help you meet it a specific plan that suits your needs. In the jewellery business, there is no limit to customer acquisition via social media – a lady sitting in Los Angeles may be drooling over your craftsmanship and why shouldn’t you meet her requirement? At the same time, if you are a local brand just starting, we can ensure that people in your community start being #vocalforlocal. Customer is the king and customization is our forte.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns are the talk of the town these days but what needs to be remembered is that just like Facebook ads, Pay-Per-Click campaigns also need to be thought through based on your business sector and niche. jewellery brands at their level need to evaluate their PPC strategy. For digital marketing for jewellery stores and jewellers, we at Itorix Infotech, strive to maximise revenue for every penny spent on PPC campaigns. Our PPC strategy is driven by two objectives: ensuring that you reach the correct customers (traffic) and more of those customers convert (leads) to not waste your money.

Many a time, once a customer has been acquired, agencies think it to mean that digital marketing ends with that. For jewellery stores and jewellers, however, this is not the reality. After a product is purchased by the customer, what needs to be done is that the customer gets regular updates about their order (shipping and delivery). Once the order is delivered, email marketing should ensure that proper feedback channels are developed and grievances are solved immediately in coordination with the brand. New marketing campaigns, discount offers and innovative product launches are of no use if they do not reach the loyal and regular customers of jewellery stores and jewellers. Lastly, connect with the customer is equally crucial in the context of email marketing. Highlighting bridal stories that use your products and showcasing the craftsman behind your products can ensure that the customers not only remain informed but these campaigns can propel your brand to the next level.

It is widely believed that content is supreme in any marketing strategy. At Itorix Infotech, good quality content is at the heart of digital marketing strategy for jewellery stores and jewellers. Be it blog posts about jewellery designs or any new social initiative that the brand comes up with, be it text or video or audio, the quality and presentation of content in digital marketing strategy for jewellery stores and jewellers is top notch and is one of the reasons our delivery is not just on paper but on your revenues and balance sheet. Customised digital marketing for jewellery stores and jewellers is our speciality and if you are looking for actionable steps to achieve success in the post-Covid marketing world, we are the best fit for jewellery stores and jewellers.

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Why should you choose Itorix Infotech as your education digital marketing agency

Digital Content

Itorix Infotech excels in digital marketing with a diverse team of content experts. We create top-notch educational content, thoroughly researched and professionally proofread. Our goal is to help you attract global talent through effective promotions and social media strategies.

Technical & Creative Expertise

We cater to both parents and students, delivering informative, technical content for parents and engaging, easy-to-understand information for students.


Itorix Infotech has a proven track record working with various educational institutes, from established brands to local ones. Our experience spans traditional colleges and ed-tech startups, allowing us to meet the unique needs of any educational institution right from the start.

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Our unique features and offerings set us apart, making us the preferred choice for our customers.

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A professional agency helps drive exposure and business to your jewellery store through targeted campaigns and industry expertise.

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With the agency’s assistance, you can better understand your audience, analyze competitors, create custom strategies, enhance your online presence, improve SEO, and attract and engage potential customers for increased sales leads.

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To stand out, we focus on targeted digital marketing campaigns, backed by a solid strategy, to gain exposure and attract customers.


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